April 23rd, 2008


The periodic decline post

Mom says she's having a hard time concentrating even at things that really interest her. She's more or less staying in her easy chair exclusively. She's using the bipap to assist with her breathing during the day quite frequently now, though she's trying not to this week because Elaine is visiting.

We have a doctor's visit on Monday. These have been monthly. I think this will be the last one. After this the doctor will be needing to make a house call (he's offered), because mom isn't really up to leaving the house much even now. In a month, unless she's having a really good day, she'll be completely wiped out by going in to town.

Weight loss

I will be 180 pounds or less by June 4th, or Tim Eyman will have a donation for $5000. That's about 8 pounds in 6 weeks.

Today I signed up at a gym in Bellingham. Tomorrow I will be deciding between a Boot Camp class and a personal trainer.

I don't want Tim Eyman to get any money.