January 15th, 2008



So history as I understood it was that Europeans and their descendants brought diseases to America with disastrous consequences for the aboriginal populations.

But what I always wondered was why the Europeans didn't catch American diseases for which they had no immunity, and spread them across Europe. It just didn't make sense to me that nothing of the sort was recorded.

According to Scientific American, it turns out that syphilis was originally an American disease.

Needing photoshop guru

Any photoshop gurus want to make a few bucks?

My mom wants to use the following photo of her for the stand-up photo at her funeral. Except she doesn't want my step-father in it, cause he likely won't be dying at the same time.

If you think you can do a good job of removing him from the photo (the large version, not the small version Scrapbook creates), please let me know.

Comments arguing for leaving him in the photo will result in immediate unfriending. It's what my mom wants. I don't want to argue it.