January 13th, 2008


Pie Night

Thanks to everyone who came by Pie Night yesterday. Much pie was eaten. Eight pies were made, not counting the store-bought pie. I was left with half a raspberry pie, and a piece or two of several other pies that folks brought. Attendees included: mrsloane, faerieburst, autonomic_pilot, amare, her date gasnarg, azure_aendra, calimbrium, marquita, gearhead1, marc17, chuckiebear, raqs_indira, billycorazon, bork, thugg1ns, Lindsey, and Terry. I may be forgetting someone. Some delicious pies, particularly the crab quiche and the tart. Stay tuned for the next Pie Night, sometimes in 2009 perhaps. We'll see.

Canyon Falls

Snowboarding for noobs!

Crystal Mountain, Sunday January 27th. Lesson package is $115 (includes lift ticket, lesson, and snowboard equipment rental), plus folks will need to make sure they have appropriate mountain wear and money for food and gas. If you have equipment cost will be cheaper. Details subject to change if we get better information. A non-refundable $25 deposit would be required, due by January 20th, the balance on the day of the trip.

You don't actually have to be new at this to join up.

It's now time to finalize plans. Below is the list of tentative people. If you are on the list, please confirm by getting your deposit to me or Erin by next Sunday. If you are not on the list and want to be on the list, please get a deposit to me or Erin by next Sunday.

  1. burgunder
  2. tenshiemi
  3. Jeff
  4. Nicole
  5. mrsloane
  6. bittergourd
  7. thefanciest

You do want to be on the list, right?