October 22nd, 2007


Interviewed for Wordsy

So one of the sites I've been frequenting for the last few months is Wordsy, a Digg-clone specifically for book-types. They aren't particularly big yet though. Anyway, the proprietors have themselves a podcast, and they just interviewed me for it because of Rat's Reading.

Not sure how long it'll take before they get that podcast up.


Something went "pop" in my upper back this morning. Nothing to see a doctor about (before everyone jumps my shit). Just a normal run of the mill tweak that has happened on occasion before.

It'll be fine in the morning, after I've slept and all the muscles have relaxed.

But right now I wish I had muscle relaxers to just wipe it away now.

Caught up

Finally got to watch last week's episode of Heroes. Just in time for this week's episode. Was watching it on Tuesday when my Internets was shut off. But I'm all good now.

The episode was definitely an improvement over the previous couple of episodes.


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