October 8th, 2007


Heroes sucks

Gee, I don't want to open this box! This is why I hate Peter Petrelli. The guy never had a spine. Oh, but he has love, that's why he was able to save the day last season. What ever.

Hey! I'm a cheerleader! I didn't trust my dad last season, but he proved to be the best. So this season, I'm not going to listen to him at all! Cause if I didn't do that, we'd have no dramatic tension.

Hi, I'm Niki. I'm going to repeat all the stupid mistakes I made last season!

Next there's Maya and whatever the hell her brother is named. Let's repeat the same scene for them three weeks in a row. It's not important to actually advance their storyline at all.

Hiro and H.R.G. are the only two characters that deserve to be watched.