July 12th, 2007


Book reviews

I keep getting asked why I don't post my book reviews any more. I do. Just not here.

You can find them at http://reading.kingrat.biz/ and there's a feed at ratreading if you still want to read them in LiveJournal. I recommend reading them using Google Reader or Bloglines, though they'll look better in Google Reader. Bloglines strips out the formatting.

And if you like the reviews, post a link to the site. I need to bump up my page rank.

Google Reader

I'm thinking of switching from Bloglines to Google Reader. Google Reader doesn't seem to mess with the feeds as much. And it generally has a smoother interface.

On the other hand, it doesn't have email subscriptions, and it doesn't let me order my folders like I want.

I wonder if there's an offline reader that stores its state in Google Reader (or Bloglines for that matter). I could use that at home, and still be able to read online when I'm somewhere else. For short bursts, I don't care as much about the interface.