June 15th, 2007



Every couple of months, I'll go check Joule to see who has friended/unfriended (ach! what a horrible double meaning for the word friend!) this journal.

What amuses me that person/persons unknown to me check a lot more than I do. Not their own journal. My journal. At least 6 times since the last time I checked.

Xbox 360

I generally don't play video games, just like I generally don't generally watch television. I own a Playstation 2. I haven't turned it on since January 4th, and that was so the students I'm mentoring could play. I used to own an Xbox, but I loaned it to a friend about 2 years ago. Never expected it back. Didn't particularly want it back. Ain't gonna get it back.

I now own an Xbox 360. I have two games for it, and a couple of my Xbox games will play on it. The two games are Crackdown and Gears of War.

I popped Crackdown in. Had to force myself to play though. I didn't get it. At first.

I get it now, though I'm not very good.

I'm reminded about one of the things I hate about video games and me. When I do finally get a game, I'm gonna play it to death for a while. There's no middle ground. I've been playing this stupid thing since around noon. I could have been reading. I could have been cleaning. I could have been masturbating. And yet, I've been sitting in front of the damn television playing a stupid game and I couldn't pull myself away.

It's off now. May I not turn it on for 3 or 4 more days at least.