June 3rd, 2007



I'm hermitting away today. Also, yesterday. Pretty sure it ain't the healthiest thing, but whatever.

I am using my time reading, and attempting to write a wordpress plugin. Version 1 is done, but I hard-coded the options into the plugin. Version 2 will have an administration page to set the options.

Also, I should clean my place. It's not fit for company.

I may get some oomph to unhermit. May not.

Friday, I went to see West Side Story at the 5th Ave with Michelle. Show was awesome. And for once, someone else found the seats more uncomfortable than I did. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a tragedy as a musical before. Jerome Robbins choreography, Leonard Bernstein score, and Steven Sondheim lyrics. Content was a hell of a lot better than most of the nostalgia shows that the 5th Ave seems to be putting on lately. I don't mean revivals. I mean shows where the music is a variant of some pop form of years gone by. Next season's Jersey Boys tribute to Frankie Valli is a prime exhibit.


Tim Eyman

Tim Eyman
Tim Eyman
Ambition: A biogenetic nuclear engineer. "To manipulate molecular genes in a nuclear environment. Very advanced stuff."

Photo says chucklehead to me, not biogenetic nuclear engineer. You know, someone who sells watches.


End of the day

At the end of the day, things were looking up.

I finally got off my ass and did something: got some cleaning done, changed the cat litter, and made some progress on the Wordpress plugin. Not a hell of a lot, but even a little bit improves my mood.

On the agenda for tomorrow: get the apartment respectable, reading by the pool if the weather allows, and perhaps even some socializing.