May 31st, 2007


ARC haul

Got a haul of Advance Reading Copies of books today. Normally, when the Random House rep comes by, there's one or two I want. Today he brought a larger stash than usual, and a number seemed interesting.

Acacia / David Anthony Durham
tentative on-sale 19 Jun

Send / David Shipley and Will Schwalbe
available now

New England White / Stephen L. Carter

Gifted / Nikita Lalwani
available Sept

You Don't Love Me Yet / Jonathan Lethem
available now

The New World / Michael A. Stackpole
available 26 Jun

Walla Walla Suite / Anne Argula
available 18 Sept

LJ Mojo

Apparently I missed the LJ Mojo meme when it went around recently. Did you people learn nothing from Secret Crush meme 3 years ago?

I'm laughing at one person in particular, though I won't reveal who.