April 23rd, 2007

Hard Hat


So for inventory, we had some company called RGIS come in and do the heavy lifting. Supposedly accuracy is the quality on which they sell their service.

My job was to be auditor. I trailed around after their minions and checked what they did.

Keep in mind we have around 200,000 items in the store. Even at 99% accuracy, that's 2,000 messed up items.

Of the bays I checked, my guess is that 75% of them were correct. Each bay generally has from 80 to 500 items in them. Most of the bays that were incorrect were only off by one or two items. So they might reach the 99% threshold. I had a couple that were pretty far off though. One that had 5 incorrect items out of 82. Another that had 21 incorrect items out of 250.

It fell on me to find out what exactly the mistakes were. In both of the bad cases above, it appeared at first that the mistakes were smaller based on absolute counts, so then I had to to check every item in those bays. And not only were items missed or added, but additional items were mis-scanned.

My other job was to run checks on items that didn't scan correctly for them. In some cases, we didn't get bar codes on the item. In other cases, they just couldn't find the bar code to scan even though it was on the item. And in a few cases, the items were just not in our system, and I couldn't find them at all. Then with magazines, customers sometimes open the plastic wrap to read, and of course the now-loose freebies don't have bar codes. Or the one that a co-worker did a SKU check on, then went to lunch. However, it still didn't scan for the inventory guy. Turns out co-worker forgot a digit in the bar code when he fixed it.

I was supposed to only work the receiving room and then be able to go home. Because this cold seems to be lingering longer than I expected, I really wanted to take advantage of that. But apparently someone refused to work the whole night and quit mid-shift, so I was pressed to stay and work inventory on the sales floor as well. Other than being light-headed at times, the illness wasn't interfering with my work. But I really don't want to lengthen the cold by not getting sufficient rest. We'll see if this kills my constitution.

On another sad note, one of the cute women who works there is leaving shortly. And another may possibly move back home soon. All my crushes are deserting me. Okay, not all. But still, to be deprived of even one crush is a tragedy.


Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

I decided to read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. I really need to learn not to start these epic length books, since I rarely like them. This one isn't bad so far, but it's definitely on the slow side. I'm around 350 pages in, and that's just barely over 1/3 of the book. I'm going to spend 3 times the time I normally would on a book on this one. I sure hope the pay-off is worth it.

Property values

The government assesses property values way too high for property taxes.

When the government takes property, it says the property value is way lower than it really is.