April 12th, 2007


Isp woes

Still no internet. Since I can't reprogram the modem and something in
it is screwed up, the tech support guy suggested I call sales and have
them send a new modem. Only when I called them they said I have to
call Qwest. So when I called Qwest I just had them switch me to MSN.
The folks at oz.net were great but I am tired of jumping through hoops
every time something goes down. Anyway, new ETA for internet is

Which brings up important issue. Anyone with internet willing to have
me hang out at their place saturday morning and use their computer? I
need to do my taxes and need access for this.


Whenever I get a new gadget ore service or thing, I throw the manual
and all accompanying documentation into my box o manuals.
Occasionally I paw through it to get something but it's rare.

I just put my dsl modems and a cordless phone on the condo's "free
shelf" downstairs and thought it would be nice to put the manuals with
them. So I went through the box looking for them. Decide prune while
doing this cause I have a lot of manuals for things long since gone.

Products once owned but gone but with manuals providing mute tribute:
Nokia 3285 phone
HP Jornada 680
Southwestern Bell Freedom phone
Nokia 5190 phone
Soundblaster AWE 64 Gold
Dell M990 monitor
Qwest cell phone service
Nokia 6190 phone
Cheap pressboard shelf unit
Viking 56k modem
Generic USR modem
Giant Sedona mountain bike
Minolta Freedom Zoom 140EX camera
John Deere STX46 lawn tractor
Casio Phonemate answering machine
Motorola V60i phone
VoiceStream cell phone service