April 11th, 2007

Roger Lodge

Long term relationship/husband material

Several people have commented to me that I ring all sorts of long-term-relationship/husband bells. While I would love to start a family someday, I hate jumping into things too quickly. I try my damndest to keep things light, fun, and carefree. My theory is, there will be time for commitment and seriousness later on, if the person is right. If not, enjoy it for the moment.

But somethings I am doing has scared more than one woman into thinking I was measuring a wedding dress on them. What the hell it is I do not know. The specific words I use indicate the opposite. But my actions, mannerisms, tone of voice, body language, or something indicates this. Or maybe it's partially my reputation. Hell, I don't know.
Axe Murderer

no internet

My internet is down and will be down until I can get a replacement modem. Until then I am limited to blackberry access and stopping by aurifice. In other words keeping up with lj is gonna be problematic.

Add my yahoo im or aim im to keep in contact. Or gtalk. That's the best. Info on my profile if you are a friend. Haven't found an MSN client for the blackberry yet.