March 14th, 2007


Models Inc.

Instead of working at the book store today, I worked off site at the Northwest Design Expo. At least that's what I think it officially was. Everything there seemed to say Nordex and I never looked closely at a program. Anyway, we set up a table with all sorts of design books, most on green design. For a group mostly concerned with interior design, I found it odd that most of the books we brought were actually architecture related. But then, the keynote speaker spoke about the same stuff. Anyway, it doesn't really matter to my anecdote.

At 3:30 p.m., the show featured a fixture fashion show. In other words, a speaker was going to show off the latest and greatest in home fixtures: lights, doorknobs, etc.

Thing was, they hired a gaggle of models to parade these fixtures across the stage. Well, most of the fixtures. A few were too heavy for the overly skinny high-heeled waifs.

But they were pretty. The models, not the fixtures.



I think I forgot to mention this. I went skating on Sunday. Wasn't sure if I was gonna go or not. But Jason wanted to get out of the house and in the end it was good for me to get there. Not so much for the freak part of the skate as much as just some general social activity. Although, some of the freaks were hot so it was a plus.

I will probably attend the next one.