March 10th, 2007


Links to versions of Beyond Good and Evil

Here are some links to various editions at I get a cut if you buy through this link. I promise to spend the money on something entirely inappropriate.

  • Digiread edition of Beyond Good and Evil Digiread edition (≅ $6.95)
  • Filiquarian edition of Beyond Good and Evil Filiquarian edition (≅ $6.99)
  • Penguin edition of Beyond Good and Evil Penguin edition (≅ $9.60) (I'll have one extra copy of this one available next week.)
  • Vintage Edition of Beyond Good and Evil Vintage edition (≅ $10.36)

Here are some links to free versions on the internet.

Go forth and read.

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Bad boys bad boys whatchya gonna do?

Jason and I went to see Black Snake Moan last night. Movie was eh but Christina Ricci was looking pretty good. She spends most of the movie in a cut-off sweatshirt and panties. She's lost a lot of the roundness in her face.

On leaving the Pacific Place garage, Jason exited onto 7th Avenue. This goes the opposite way from the way we wanted to go. I figured he'd circle around. But he didn't. Then he headed up Pine. Figured he was going to go to Boren and hang a left. But he didn't. He got in the lane to get on the express lanes. Which sort of makes sense cause they do go faster. Only there's no exit to my neighborhood. But I wasn't in any hurry.

We get off at U-District and cross the University Bridge to get back to my place. A cop car pulls in my lot after us. I started to think What th… then realized it had to be Joe, my brother.

He'd called (my home phone, not my cell) to see if I was home so he and his partner could stop by on their break. They ended up following us to my place in a coincidence. So we shot the shit outside for a few minutes, freaking out a couple of residents who came up and asked if everything was all right.

Also hung out with them on their actual break at the coffee shop.

First time meeting his partner, who is kind of a dork in a former frat boy way.

All in all a good evening.


Losers' Lunch, now at new time

Slight change for this week's Losers' Lunch.

The Losers have decided that for the foreseeable future, we will hold Losers' Lunch one hour earlier GMT.

Everything else will remain the same. Same place (Mae's Cafe and 65th and Phinney). Same Losers. Same bad advice.