February 19th, 2007


Harmful Book Reading Group

When I posted the note earlier today I was being half-joking. It amused me that a bunch of conservatives gave me the ammunition to be anti-conservative. And they aren't exactly advocating suppression with the article to which I linked. My own view is that if an idea is harmful, the antidote is more ideas.

But the response has convinced me that enough people would be interested in reading these that we might make an actual go of this. So I'm gonna organize something. Stay tuned for more info.

And thanks to amare for the link in the first place.

Actually, I have one question to start for those interested in participating. How democratic would you like the running of this to be? My gut feel is that it'll be better to start with a benevolent dictator thing. Put together the details, see how it works, and then modify the plan to smooth the edges.