January 15th, 2007


Need help Friday afternoon

Anyone want to volunteer to help me move a large fish tank on Friday? I'm donating it to a school, but I can't move it to the car by myself. Would need to do this around 12:30 on Friday.

Book industry retail sales

Retail book sales

Huh. I pulled the data for this from the Census Bureau. I would have figured that December was the largest month for sales, followed by November and October. In fact, it generally goes December, August, January, September. Even that isn't certain. In some years, December is not the month of largest sales. August is taking a dramatic rise over the last five years, and it appears January is as well. Or it could be that 2001 and 2000 numbers are just the result of the recession and the ordering of the more recent years is noise generated. I don't think the numbers are adjusted for inflation, and I know they are not seasonally adjusted.


Anal retentive things I do, no. 142

Some people keep a list of everyone with whom they've had sex. I have a list like that. This practice isn't too unusual. No, you may not see the list.

The anal retentive thing is I keep a similar list of everyone I've ever kissed. All but three have first and last names. The last entry to have only a first name is from 1989. The entire list has only 31 people on it. And no, you may not see this list either.