January 4th, 2007


Plan for the day

Purchase root beer, velveeta, canned chili, salsa.
Pick up Malena.
Stop by video store to get videos Netflix didn't deliver.
Steps Beyond.

I'm going to throw up

So I ran across the street to grab some milk for some Oreos for movie night. Good thing no one wanted to try the Oreos with milk. I just poured myself a mug and had a couple of Oreos. My Oreos tasted horrible. Then I figured out it was the milk. Not just curdled. There was just something wrong with it. I poured out the mug, and grabbed the carton from the fridge. It smelled odd. Like it was fermented. Poured it out and a mucousy mass came out. Plus, the nasty milk aftertaste is still in my mouth and I swear I can still smell it.

Too much information?