January 1st, 2007



My day so far:

Laughed at Karri's hangover and sent her back south.
Uninstalled some game called Otto that my Media Center software installed.
Installed and played with WP-dTree.

Now, to watch bad TV on DVD.


Finally finished watching the Tivo-ed Heroes marathon, the first six episodes.

I have to say I don't quite get it. Don't get me wrong. I'm a sucker for super-powers. So I'll probably watch the show some more. But man is the plotting and acting in this show bad. I'll watch it just to see the super-powers revealed. Kind of like back in the day when I watched Incredible Hulk mostly for the twice-an-episode transformations into the hulk.

Though I have to say I really like the way story-arc television has been getting more popular the last few years. Did it start with 24? There have been a lot of episodic television shows that had story-arcs as background, but it seems like since 24 the idea of a season or multi-season long story told in pieces has been gaining in popularity: 24, Dead Zone, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Heroes. I'm sure there's one or two others as well. Some of these have a few disconnected episodes thrown in (Dead Zone, BSG).

While on the topic of television …

I rented the first season of Law & Order. Used to be I would watch this show whenever it was on, including the re-runs on A&E and later TNT. Loved the show. Re-watched episodes many times.

Cept now I got halfway into episode 3 and the show was barely holding my interest. And these were the good first year episodes when the camera work was grittier, and the prosecutor was conflicted Ben Stone and not they're-all-guilty Jack McCoy. So I'm not sure what's changed since I stopped watching the show regular like.