December 16th, 2006


Please don't tear off this message

Please don't tear off this message
not everyone will understand it will be explained

To the people who know about
the demonic hoax. But are bluffed
into being quiet.

You must understand that you are
being bluffed, demonic chemicals can fall on
you., B but that's as far as they
can go You must have a demon, or
are walking in cap (biblical term) to actually
be slandered. The demon makes the
sounds in, and around the body. without
the demon doing this you are totally
safe. You must help to make this
hoax common knowledge.

Holy spirit is helping but is
hindered (this hinderance is biblical).
I can't hear everything he says but
this message is most assuredly
by his request

I hope to go to the presbytery
church at the University District
for help. But first I hope to
that witnesses will call there to verify
hoax first

Robert in Yellow House
across street

Chris happy birthday

Chris this is June I wanted to wish you a happy birthday Chris I'm not sure that I'm reaching you but I wanted to wish you a happy Christmas I got your Christmas card yesterday and I appreciate your note glad your family is doing okay goodbye