November 26th, 2006



I was going to finish cleaning the rest of my apartment today, but an impromptu nap after Losers' Lunch may have scuttled that. We'll see. I kind of want to go see Casino Royale so I may not finish cleaning. And in post-nap grogginess I'm having a hard time getting myself moving on something productive like cleaning.
Axe Murderer

Seattle Marathon

Normally I don't get angry while driving. Way back in the day, the day when I was fairly newly sober, I did. At some point though I noticed that I was much calmer while driving. Not all the time, mind you, but definitely when I was on top of my spiritual game. The more I erased resentments and fears, the more content I became driving. I grew a lot more content elsewhere too, but it was noticeable with the driving. These days, I think other drivers are idiots, but they don't really affect my serenity. Not so today. As I drove up Lynn so I could go get Erin for Losers' Lunch, I saw that they had Belmont blocked off for the marathon so I couldn't turn left. My first thought was, fuck it, I'm going to turn left anyway. I thought better of it though. So then I went down Eastlake, and a sign said to take Fairview. So I go to Fairview, and it's blocked off with a motorcycle cop. Now I'm getting really irritated. But I can finally take a left 9th. But after a block, 9th was closed, so we had to take a left onto Mercer, and then onto I-5. At this point I called the cops and complained about the routing because it appears to me that there were only two ways to get to Capitol Hill from my location. Drive north and go through the University District and then south on 23rd, including an asinine detour that featured a turn so sharp only a gerbil could make it without scraping. Or drive south on I-5, get off on 4th, and then go up Jackson. The latter way is what I eventually did.

Anyway, if you ran in the marathon today, you got totally soaked by the rain. You deserve it for making it so I couldn't get to Capitol Hill without my serenity.