November 24th, 2006


Adventures in Retail Land

Boss-man had me come in today. According to him, Friday after Thanksgiving normally there is no receiving to do. He'd told me on Tuesday we were supposed to get about 30 boxes in. Which is not much at all. He told Taylor it would be around 100. Which is also not much. We actually got around 250 boxes. That's a lot for two people.

So my job today was to receive the books. The entails the following for each box:

  1. Pick up box.
  2. Carry box to station.
  3. Scan bar code on box, which automatically registers all books in the box as being in store.
  4. Open box, being careful not to slice books with box cutter.
  5. Remove books from box.
  6. Put theft-tags in books according to store policy.
  7. Sort books roughly according to which section they belong.

Afterward, books have to be put away. This means a scanning every book to verify that the section we thought it goes in is the real section. In addition, any book on promotion (and some other books as well) needs to go to a lead for shelving. Everything else goes onto carts for shelvers to shelve. Shelvers only handle things that go in a regular place. Stuff on promotion goes on tables and in other prominent locations and these locations change. So the people who know the locations are responsible for putting all such books away, rather than making shelvers find them.

While receiving, my other reason for being in store today was to handle overflow phone calls. If the phone rings in receiving, the customer has listened to a lot of rings. So I picked up a few of those as well, as the floor was pretty busy and folks there can't always get to the phones.

From what I can tell, the floor was a busy, but we were staffed to handle it pretty well. Except for the cafe/coffee shop which got a bad rush late in the afternoon.

Also, someone decided to smear shit all over the walls in the men's bathroom. Other than that and one complaint, people were mostly just tired from being busy. We didn't get an overabundance of difficult customers. Luckily, I didn't have to clean the shit up.

Breaking News

New Loser

There is a misconception about Losers' Lunch. That misconception is that it is a lunch for losers. It really isn't. Originally, there were three losers: Mr. Sloane, Darren I Drink Miller, and myself. Then Darren emigrated from Loserland for the Kingdom of Marriage, and his husband matches him just too much for him to be considered a married loser. Last year, we started getting more people coming. Oh, we'd occasionally been inviting a hot chick so we could impress her (they never came back though…), but after last summer we regularly have been getting between 5 and 10 people attending. Apparently people want to hang out with two losers.

However, in a desperate bid to increase his status, Keenan has requested entrance to the Loser club. Jason and I have granted his wish. We hereby declare Keenan to be a real Loser!

So come to Losers' Lunch this Sunday, 12:30 p.m. at Mae's Café at Phinney and 65th and congratulate him! In addition, with three Losers, we'll be sure to cover all the bases with bad relationship advice.