September 28th, 2006


Lost disc 2 came today and a commentary on watching T.V. on D.V.D.

And tonight I have time to watch more than one episode before I crash.


The only real drawback I have to watching all my T.V. on D.V.D. these days is the loss of communal television. If I am watching a show when the network first shows it, everyone else who is into the show is also watching it at the same time. If someone is into the show, I can invite them over to watch together, or I can finagle my way to their place. But with D.V.D. and D.V.R.s, we're all watching these episodes at wildly different times. Means I gotta schedule the shared watching rather than have the network schedule us. And I have to resist the temptation to watch ahead.



I have to be allergic to something in here. I'm congested in or out of my apartment. But the decongestant works for only an hour or two when I'm in my apartment before my sinuses start to revert. One shot of the decongestant works for nearly the entire day at work. I won't have insurance until December, so I'm not sure I want to see a doctor about this now.