September 15th, 2006

Hard Hat

Barnes and Noble

I applied at Barnes and Noble today. I had a short 10 minute interview with the store manager. She seemed inclined to hire me if none of my previous employers report me as an axe murderer.

I haven't worked a minimum wage job since… summer of 1994. I think minimum wage was $5.15 then.
Hard Hat


I also stopped by Borders downtown as well. To apply there, I have to fill out a questionaire online. Included with that is one of those personality/psych tests. Thirty-seven pages. Between that and the limited options to fill in on experience, I'm pretty sure I won't get a call.

If I dropped off an application, I'd be nearly certain I'd get a call. And if I get an interview, I'm pretty certain I can get a job. But with an automated system, I doubt it.

This amuses me.