September 13th, 2006


Primary ballot

My votes in the primary are all up over on Public Views. In particular, for once I made choices in the State Supreme Court races. Though those choices are based primarily on their positions in the marriage equality case that they recently decided.


More Robert the Crazy Guy

Robert seemed like a good subject for testing out the new camera. Sadly, he was not out, so I just took pictures of his signs.

Robert's house You hear only what they want you to …
Robert's house
This is where Robert the crazy guy lives. The lawn is where he sleeps lately. He sets up an extension cord and a light there.
You hear only what they want you to …
No Microphones DEMONIC Chemicals You hear only ^what they want you to … many tricks
We volunteered Demonic Sound Manipulation
We volunteered
WE VOLUNTEERED TO Demonstrate Demons are real + EVIL it's biblically called
Demonic Sound Manipulation
We Volunteered to expose demons, and their devices that are used to slander biblically Biblicaly it's called walk in Gap WALKING IN GAP