July 25th, 2006


Planning Darfur events

So my newly-semi-retired self volunteered himself on the event planning committee for SaveDarfurWashingtonState. My first meeting for that was tonight at 7:30.

There are three upcoming events we are planning:

Saturday, 9 September
A small event commemorating the anniversary of genocide in Darfur. Or, more technically, the anniversary of when the U.S. declared that what is occurring in Darfur is genocide. This a mostly student event, and it consists only of hanging banners on bridges on the commuter corridors. At this point I'm not involved in this really. Three of the people on the committee just graduated from Lakeside. They put together the April rally at Westlake, and they are putting this together. Or at least starting it before they head off to college.
Sunday, 17 September
This event will be primarily an interfaith service and program. Clergy from local churches and mosques as well as some of their choirs. Venue to be determined shortly. I've volunteered to call area churches and get them to participate.
Sunday, 22 October
The big event. A fund-raiser and something entertaining to draw people. Looks like a poobah dinner the evening before with a former Clinton administration official (if we can get him). The day of will be a combination benefit concert with speakers, including aforementioned Clinton administration official (if we can get him). For this, I've volunteered to try to get some local bands to volunteer for this. I'm also poking into venues for the fund-raising dinner the evening before. As there are a fair number of people involved in the local music scene on my friends list, if any of you would be willing to play or put me in contact with friends' bands who possibly might be willing, I'd love you long time. I just need to put out feelers right now, as the format, pay, venue, etc. still haven't been determined. I'd dearly love to get groups that aren't glorified drum circles. Cause I hate drum circles. Also, any ideas for venues (~1000 people) for that part I can pass along. I'm not doing that part, but the folks doing that part could use ideas as they have done mostly church-based events before, so any suggestions/contacts for that would be helpful to them.

As disorganized as this group seems right now, I'm thrilled to be jumping in. It's something to do. And it's something I care about.

And if anyone else wants to volunteer to help plan these events (i.e., run around, call people, arrange participants, sponsors, etc.) the next meeting is Tuesday, 8 August at 7 p.m. at Tully's in Wallingford. I'll drive if you'll go.