July 24th, 2006


Jury duty

For the first time, I'm pissed that I don't deal with my mail on a timely basis. Usually, I just dump all my mail into a pile and then when the pile falls over, I open the mail. Bills? Pay those online. Occasionally this practice gets me in a small amount of trouble with missing events and whatnot. Mostly I don't care.

But in the pile I worked through today was a jury summons. Saying I needed to show up this morning.

So no only can I go to jail now, I miss out on being on a jury.

I tried to call in. Missed their office hours so I couldn't tell them I missed the notice.

Checked the web site. No F.A.Q. on what to do if you don't realize you are supposed to show up.

I'll call tomorrow.


Other things in my mail

  • A letter from the IRS saying they have a half million dollar of unreported income for 2004 and that I need to file a response by July 12th. Oops. Better take care of this. Nope, I didn't have a half million of unreported income. I screwed up how I filed in both 2003 and 2004. When I fixed 2003, the IRS ended up owing me $18. They'll owe me for 2004 as well, but I guess I should take care of that quickly.
  • A wedding announcement for my cousing. I knew the wedding wasn't until August so I wasn't worrying about that.
  • My COBRA information. $340/month to continue the same coverage I had before. Good thing I paid my car off in May. I'll probably use COBRA for a few months in case I decide to take a job. If not, I'll start looking for cheaper major medical coverage in August or September.

There's still more in the pile.

And my power just went off for 3 seconds. Thank god for U.P.S.