June 18th, 2006


Saturday in Zul'Gurub

I spent my Saturday playing World of Warcraft for the longest single stint I hever have. Raid in Zul'Gurub was supposed to start at 11 a.m. It didn't start til noon because of no-shows and late people. This was our first time there.

One of our priests didn't show. Which is bad because they heal. I respecced holy cause I figured I would need to back up three priests. Had to backstop two priests most of the time. Nervous because I've been a protection paladin for months.

Expectation: wipe on first pull. Figured we might get to the first boss, but not take him down.

Things went better than expected. And because of that, longer. Wiped once each on snake boss and raptor boss, and twice on bat boss. But took them down. So we kept going and going. After the bat boss we stopped though. Eight and one half hours. Next time, we set a time limit.

All non-players, just use your scroll bar.