June 12th, 2006



I've put in my notice with Expedia. I am tentatively employed through Friday, working from home (and will probably go in to transition my work to someone else).

As of Friday at 5 p.m., I'll be fully unemployed.

Nothing particularly exciting in the notice. I am at home. I had one meeting today, which I cancelled. I called in to H.R., because I don't have a direct manager at the moment. Because my group doesn't have a amanger, we report directly to a V.P., who has managed us for all of one week. He's a good guy, but he won't have the time to handle resignation details (I get 15 minutes with him twice a month). So the H.R. person proposed that I work from home this week (after I told her I'd like to leave as soon as I can) and make my tentative last day Friday. Sounded good to me, and she was going to figure out who would deal with the details.

I've emailed my direct co-workers so they know, and at some point this week I'll go in to transition my work (if any needs to be done). And I've emailed said V.P., though I expect his administrative assistant to be doing the reading.

Frankly, it's a little disconcerting to be doing this. This'll be the second most abrupt departure I've had from a company, and it's compounded by the lack of a manager. I feel like I am violating some unknown ethical code by not giving six weeks notice and finishing up all my work (which is what I did at my last job). But it's employment at will here in Washington. When Expedia terminates someone's employment, I've seen them make people clear out that day. It's S.O.P. in the tech industry when someone is fired. So I know I'm giving them more notice than most folks get. I'll learn to live with my discontent though. I'll probably have forgotten it in a week.

What I've done with my time so far? I've scrubbed my bathtub. Next up is the floor and sink in the bathroom.

I also wandered up to the 14 Carrot and had a grilled cheese for lunch, and have read some 60 pages in Belarus, a trashy science fiction pulp novel.

I'm thinking about taking a walk this evening. I have a book called Urban Walk which has 23 walks through Seattle's neighborhoods, some with history, some with scenery, some with things to do. First one listed is Alki Beach. So if the weather holds up, that's what I'll do at 6 p.m. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome.