May 8th, 2006


End-game in World of Warcraft

Those not geeks of World of Warcraft please ignore.

Those of you who are playing World of Warcraft and are doing so in end-game guilds with organized raids and whatnot (or know someone who is), how did your guild make the transition to that status?

Here's the deal: without becoming too hard-core (you must do exactly as the guild leader says or you are /gkicked) I need to get my guild working together to move past normal Scholo/Strat/BRS runs to MC/ZG/etc. Mostly I need some concrete intermediate goals and some ideas on organizing for them so we can get there. And sadly I have ZERO experience in end-game.

The guilds that are doing end-game on Draka are mostly transplants from other servers, or spin-offs from their guild drama wars. Most of them are hard-core.

We have good players, but not super-dedicated ones. We like playing with each other and don't want to disband and disperse into these other guilds to get there. But we will lose folks in ones and twos to these other guilds as they reach the end-game point if they don't see a future end-game in this one.