April 21st, 2006



Since it's required to explain why, I'll do so here, rather than email everyone individually.

Everything that is public policy/politics/government/etc. will be posted only to Public Views from now on.

I have been holding back on journalling. Thought I wasn't, but I am. So I'm paring down. There will be a lot more stuff written here, but it will be only to my Confidential filter, which is just Jason. Rants and bitching and whatnot is going to be cut back. Public and even the occaisonal friends-only stuff here will be less personal.

With the change in writing, keeping some of you on my friends list so you could read stuff just isn't necessary anymore. You can read it anyway, if what still shows up is interesting. If I allowed everyone to read it, I'd filter again, and what you'd read would be the same uninteresting crap you'll be able to read anyway cause it's public. I know, this doesn't make a lot of sense.

Those that are left are those who are writing things I want to read. I pare it down further. It's not that the other stuff was bad, just too much to read.

You are all still fine people. Drop me if you want, I won't be offended.