March 21st, 2006


Homemade (language police edition)

Café had a sign up today telling customers that the marinara sauce on the lasagna special is homemade. That sort of thing has always irritated me because it's highly unlikely that businesses advertising homemade food items are actually bringing them from home. Made from their own recipe, perhaps.

Anyway, my hackles raised I decided to come back here and write up a big rant about it.

Along the way something happened though. I looked up the definition.

made in the home, on the premises, or by one's own efforts

I guess the café can say it's homemade as they likely did make the sauce on the premises or by their own effort. Now I'm irritated but for a different reason. Who the hell is in charge over at Merriam-Webster that they figured on making a definition that is so meaningless and so disconnected with the intent of the word? Now I need a new word to mean, made in a small batch in my home that is not really a business mass-producing a product. And I can't think of one.


Pissing up the wrong tree

In other useless news, the men's bathroom on the floor where my new office is has auto-flush toilets. The same kind that most airports have these days. Motion detectors sense when you step away and flush the toilet. The bathroom in the other building had them too. But this one beeps for some reason. Low battery or something.

Everytime it beeps when I am standing in front of it the first thought that pops in my heads is: What am I doing wrong? Is it telling me I'm pissing incorrectly?