January 10th, 2006


Personal programming project

I don't know whether to count it or not, but given that last year I resolved to complete a personal programming project, and that I had actually started on something but didn't finish it, I finished it tonight. Granted, it's not much of a programming thing, but it is in a language I previously didn't know, PHP. Anyway, what I did was create a plug-in for WordPress that inserts an advertisement for a book into the post. When I first set up Rat's Reading I went to the Amazon Associates site the cut and pasted the link code into every entry. Then I decided to get smart and added a custom post value to each entry, containing the ISBN. Along with that, I modified the presentation template in 4 places to display the ad. Three showed the iframe version. One had an image version (cause many web based feed readers strip out iframes).

But the smart way to do it would be to create a WordPress plug-in that filters every post rather than edit the presentation side, which I might want to replace. I'm using pretty much the default look and feel and I might want something fancier later. So that's what I did tonight. This meant I had to actually learn some PHP, rather than just insert some text into the template. The entire project is one function in one file. However, I did need to learn some basic operators like concatenation and variables and such.

Not much, but something. So now I can sort of cross something off last year's list.


Who people aren't

Ever find out someone isn't who you thought they were?

No, I don't mean that they presented themselves as cool and hip and they were really losers, or that they presented themselves as honest, caring, and nice and they turned out to be a player after you stripped for them and let them diddle the parts that make you both feel good.

I mean, where you thought person X was Shirley, the girlfriend of Chad, a person you hang out with in group settings. You've had conversations with Shirley on 4 or 5 occasions over the last 8 months. But you never picked up on the fact that Shirley is someone else, and you've actually been speaking with Laurie. And now that you know Laurie isn't Shirley, you have no freaking clue as to what Laurie's connection is with anyone.

Yeah, that just happened to me. Except I changed the names so I don't have to explain to the person if this gets back to them that I don't really know who they are.