November 27th, 2005


Plantar fasciitis

It appears that my plantar fasciitis that I've had in my right foot for nearly 1½ years has taken care of itself. Without me even losing weight. This makes me very very happy. Course, I should still lose some weight.

Boot security

I decided that since this was such a short trip, I would go completely carry-on. Because of that, I picked only one pair of shoes to take with me. Knowing that there would likely be snow and whatnot here, I grabbed my Goretex walking boots. Of course, that means it's a pain in the ass at the airport, since most of the security lines do not provide a place for a person to take off their shoes. Do it in line. Being contrary, I usually just tell them to wand me.

I knew there were some changes afoot about the shoe thing, but I wasn't sure what. My boots don't have metal in them so they don't set off the metal detector. They did look at the boots and tell me I needed to take them off before the X-ray. I told them they should just wand me. Walked through, no beep. Guy then swabbed one boot for explosives, which tested fine. I expected to have to go sit and get wanded while they ran my boots through. Nope. No beep, and not positive for explosives.

It only took them 4 years to get the security right for boots.

Note: I don't mind taking shoes off. But I'll only do it where I can sit. Pain in the ass to get them off standing in a crowded line. Also nearly impossible to do so without falling over when I had plantar fasciitis.