October 31st, 2005


Match Night

Last Thursday was Match Night for Community for Youth Steps Ahead at Chief Sealth High School. The Program Director promised a moving experience, but I have to say it fell short of the mark as far as moving-ness (movility?). Prior to the start, the executive director pulled the mentors into a meeting outside where she went over the evenings program, and handed us sheet with discussion questions we were to chat about with our newly assigned mentored.

The event itself started with an on-the-spot speech from the principal of Sealth thanking us for our service. The man is definitely not up there in terms of extemporaneous speaking. Then some admonishments from the Program Manager. And then they started announcing the matches. Each student's name was called and they walked to the front of the room. Then the name of the mentor was called, and we ran to the front of the room. Then the Program Manager at Rainier Beach (who helps out at other schools, and I believe the reverse is true as well), would tie a crepe ribbon around the student and mentor and say something ritualistic which I forget. Then to the back for a photo-op. Then when all was done, we all separated to individual tables to have the official first discussion guided by our photocopied sheet of questions.

By the way, don't expect anything even remotely personal about the guy I'm mentoring. At best I'm going to write something like met with Steps Ahead student tonight or something similar.


My ballot

By the way, if anyone is interested in how I'm voting next Tuesday, check out Public Views. I'm going over all my votes there, starting with the initiatives. I'll start on elected positions in a few days.