October 29th, 2005


Halloween costume

Shockingly enough, I have one. all I need now are some bobby pins to hold the hat on. Erin's promised to provide those. The last time I did a costume was Halloween three years ago, when I was in New Orleans. I bought a Beetlejuice costume and did my make-up up right. Last one before that was two years prior where I was supposed to be the professor guy (I don't remember his name) from Powerpuff Girls. And my girlfriend April was going to be one of the Powerpuff girls herself. I.e., we would match. Unfortunately for me, her costume stands on its own. Without the mate, my costume simply looked like a sloppily done mad scientist or doctor. Anyway, we broke up before Halloween and so I spent the entire party I attended answering the question what the hell are I supposed to be? I can't remember a costume before that until maybe elementary school.

So I thought of my costume in Atlanta earlier this year. It's relatively simply to put together, and still different. I'm just happy I thought of something not straight out of a box. And the closet tops out there should have fun with this one.

Also, mad props to coulrophobe who came out in costume last night. Most excellent costume. Also, for the first time since I met her around 3 years ago, I saw her dance.

thugg1ns, your outfit doesn't qualify as a costume. Costumes are supposed to be make-believe.