September 11th, 2005


Ong-Bak, The Thai Warrior

Holy shit! Rent this movie. Tony Jaa can do things humans should not be allowed to do. Here's the story: Don, a Bangkok criminal, tries to buy an amulet off a villager. Villager refuses to sell, so Don steals the head of the village's Buddha in retaliation. Villager named Ting (Tony Jaa) volunteers to get it back. He goes to Bangkok, meets up with a criminally oriented cousin who doesn't want to help him. They eventually do work together to retrieve Ong-Bak (the head from the statue) from a big criminal gang that is into drugs as well as boxing and the betting thereon. There's a lot of fighting.

Story is dumb, but you expect that. The fight scenes, awesome. Think of Jean Claude van Damme only 5 times better. And without the fast camera switches. In fact, throughout the movie on cool shots, they replay the action from two or three different angles. I think just to show you they didn't gimmick it. And you get to see the piece again without hitting replay.

Now that Jackie Chan no longer does the cool stunts and has much lamer fight scenes, Tony Jaa will be the one I go to see.


Pie Night™: A New Hope

I'm getting yelled at for not throwing a pie night in forever. I've been lazy. But the groupies have spoken.


Pie. Lots of it. I'll make a mess o' pie. Those who show up can eat pie. Because you like pie. You can also bring your own homemade pies as well. In fact, I encourage it. Here's what Pie Night™ is not: cake. Cake is not allowed. Neither are cookies. Don't get me wrong, I like cookies. Cookie was my first word, according to my mother. But on Pie Night™ it's all about the pie. (Bring ice cream, whipped cream, or other items that complement pie if you wish not to bake.)


Me. You. Your friends. Your parents. Anyone who likes pie. Only caveat is that the people attending aren't child-safe. We say bad words.




Mr. Sloane's house. 14540 Wallingford Ave N, Shoreline, WA. He's graciously volunteered the use of his place for the shindig. This means he doesn't have to man the phone to let people in like he does at my place. We'll be using the deck and yard. If it's raining, the carport.


Saturday, 17 September 2005, afternoon until the pie is gone.

Any questions? Reply here. Planning on coming? Reply here so I know how many pies to make. Jason says we need entertainment. Reply here if you want to perform.