September 5th, 2005



I rented this movie mainly cause I wanted to see a scantily-clad Natalie Portman. It's the geek in me. Though all the scantily-clad parts I'd seen already on the net. So I'm not sure what I was looking for. The movie didn't really deliver whatever it was though. Ms. Portman is in a state of undress, but it weren't sexy. And the movie was dull, I couldn't follow the time breaks, and I don't get why Alice lied about her name all the way through. Not to mention I just can't see anyone acting like they do, particularly the behavior exhibited by Clive Owen and Julia Roberts' characters. Jude Law seems to be making a career of playing cads though.


Science fiction dream

As you might tell from my early morning postings, I didn't get to sleep laat night until about 6 a.m. It isn't so shocking then that I've been sleeping for the last 4 hours. For once though I remember large portions of my dream. For some reason a gateway opens periodically between Earth and some ur-Earth. That Earth is dominated by massive cliffs and seas with 300 foot waves. Humans there are fighting a war, though I didn't get to see any of that. People are called to service via some sort of pager that if ignored becomes painful. So I've been sucked into this other Earth, where only a few realize this gateway exists, and that it opens only occasionally. I have no place in the cliffs to live, but somehow I've got one of these pagers. After being paged I step outside onto a large clothlike conveyor, intending to go somewhere to answer the summons. But instead I miss the cross conveyor and am carried over the edge of the cliff. Rather than let go, I hang on to the edge of the cloth, though I do reach out and steal a towel from a clotheline as I slowly am carried down the cliffside. I don't remember much else except being in conversation with what passes for lawyers there, and it is that group that knew I was from a different Earth.