August 27th, 2005


Funny Ha Ha

I saw Funny Ha Ha last night at the Northwest Film Forum with Debbie. Second worst movie I've ever seen. Truly awful. Think of the most awkward conversation you've ever had and then multiply it by ten and make a movie of it where everyone does that. Also, make sure none of the characters are interesting, and the conversations, while awkward, are also devoid of any interesting topic. No one should ever accuse me of picking bad movies. Not until someone picks somethng this bad. I'm owed a debt now. A debt of a good movie. Also, the film maker owes me a good movie too, but I don't want to collect cause it might not be possible.


Fun with hosting

I am having a geek blast with trying out things with my web site. I just added a web calendar program, though I wish it were prettier. I'll have to play with that eventually. Anyway, I'm going to use that to post local Seattle book & reading events. It certainly won't be comprehensive, cause I don't have the time for that. But other folks can add events. Right now it's experimental, meaning I could wipe it and start over or remove it.

Overall there's not enough stuff there yet to garner much traffic. But really, though people reading it will be nice, I'm mostly doing it as a geek exercise cause I stopped coding for work a while ago. Well, that and I like books.