August 21st, 2005


Ugh sick

I feel like I have a hangover. So much so that I think I'm going to cancel on my building's BBQ rather than make pie for it. Still gonna go over to my grandparents cause I don't get to see my sister that much.


Book entries

From here on out, my book entries will be going to my new site. Right now it's more or less the default Wordpress blog, but I have big plans for it. Eventually, I plan to open a bricks and mortar bookstore, and the site will host something related to that. Don't hold your breath though. The bookstore is a long way off. That'll only happen after I've made enough money at my current job to feel truly comfortable working on an enterprise that could take a few years to make any money (at best).

Anyway, I'm a little frustrated with some of the limitations of livejournal for posting about books. The added feature of tags was nice, cause I could easily label all the book entries. But the lack of a functional search in particular has been bothering me. About the only thing about the standard Wordpress stuff that's missing right now is a way to organize archives by something other than time. I want to also organize by book title and/or author.

Also, I do plan to cover more than current reading, which is what I've been doing here. Sometimes I forget a book. And I have a ton of books in the past that I've already read. And the internet needs and deserves my opinion on books.