August 9th, 2005

Hard Hat

Software Design Engineer position

Outside of my lead opening, I have the following position to fill. We've recently started adding web services to our repertoire, so I'm looking for someone with that kind of experience. Feel free to pass this around to your friends. Have 'em send their resumé to That forwarder has a limit of 500K on attachments, so tell em to make sure they've saved it in a format that falls below that threshold. Anyone not bright enough to do that isn't bright enough for the job.

The Expedia Cruise product development team is looking for talented software design engineers capable of designing and implementing server software that powers our cruise product. This server architecture forms the backbone of our product in connection with customers and other suppliers around the world. Our server applications are designed to handle tens of thousands of transactions a day and run in a real-time 24x7 environment so robustness, scalability, and reliability are critical.


  • Design and implement powerful, highly scalable, and reliable web service in Java.
  • Translate functional specifications into logical, component-based technical designs.
  • Interact with Program Managers and Test Engineers to contribute to and review functional specifications and test cases.
  • Resolve defects in your own and other’s code.


  • Two years experience developing web service applications in Java on NT or UNIX platform.
  • Experience required with the following technologies:
    • multi-threaded architectures
    • XML
    • XSL/XSLT
    • SOAP and WSDL
    • JDBC
    • one or more existing web service SDKs or toolkits such as Sun's Java Web Services or Apache Axis.
  • Experience with the following a plus:
    • XML parsers and XSL processors: Xerces, Xerces 2, Crimson, Saxon, Xalan-J
    • C++ on a Windows platform
    • Spring framework

The position is full time, but in the interests of filling the position quickly contract or contract-to-hire are also options. I can't hire anyone through an agency that isn't already working with Expedia recruiting. In particular, Snowdogs is on the verboten list. I do know we're working with SolutionsIQ.