July 30th, 2005


Spring cleaning

So the water leak pushed me to do the spring cleaning I didn't do this spring. And probably didn't do last spring either. I'm seeing if I can make that space into a slightly better storage space. My phone jack in that room is dead, so that kind of puts the kibosh on it being a computer room. But I've rearranged and got rid of a few things, so the space is much better utilized. And I still have room to spare.

With a little bit of work, I can sleep in my bed tonight.


Back room discoveries

I found four rolls of film that need developing. I have no idea when or where I took these pictures. Guess I'll find out.

And I found a folder with artwork I created in elementary school. After I get the rest of the place cleaned up, I'll scan it.


Loser's Lunch

Breakfast at Mae's tomorrow at 12:30.

Also, we've been getting flak on the name. Originally it was Loser's Lunch cause it was 4 guys who didn't ever have dates. Now it mostly co-ed. But do people really wanna be known as losers? Even if they aren't losers, do they wanna hang out with losers? Well, seems so, cause we seem to get people who wanna hang out with us.

Anyway, rename it? Bullshit Brunch? Something boring like Brunch at Mae's?