July 28th, 2005


Waking up unexpectedly

Twice in the last week or so I've been startled away by a dark and foreboding sense of having done something wrong in a dream. I just woke up squealing about 10 minutes ago. Within 10 seconds, the reason for my distress had faded. I lost the problem. But Guinevere freaked out and moved from sleeping on my chest to sleeping on the La-Z-Boy®.


Video surveillance

Did I mention we have a new channel on the cable in my building? We do. Cause we now have a camera at our front entrance. So if someone buzzes my place, I can find out who is trying to be let in by watching channel 72.

I've been turning it on for background when I'm reading. I'm hoping a murder will be committed and I can be someone's alibi. I wanna be the building snoop.