July 17th, 2005


Loser's Lunch

jeri, c-ko melissa, billy, jordan, tina, ian, sara, keenan, darren, cynthia, and my regular partner, jason.

Also, jason's parents.

And my parents.

Bestiality is legal in Washington

Recent article in the Seattle Times noted a case from Enumclaw where a man died from being kicked by the horse he was screwing. Article also notes that bestiality is currently legal in washington. Several animal rights groups are going to campaign to have it made illegal.

So the question I have is, why make it illegal? What more can we do to a person who has had sex with a goat? Isn't goat sex punishment enough? If a person isn't ashamed of that, how is jail going to change anything?

And then we'll have those who argue that the goat was asking for it. The goat wasn't wearing any clothes! That means it was asking for it, doesn't it?
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