July 6th, 2005


Not enough sleep

Why is it I woke up at 5 a.m.? Christ. I'm gonna be one crabby mofo today.

I wish I had something important to say. Not that I give a shit what all of you internet people think. Just that I personally think my journal should have something more substantive than I'm tired and why doesn't my journal have something more substantive?

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Open Water

I watched Open Water on DVD over the weekend. This was the indie movie set in the Atlantic where a couple go on a diving trip, only to surface and find their boat has returned to port without them. I thought the movie was decent, though nothing to write home about. The ads for the show promoted it as somewhat scary and tense. It wasn't really. It worked more as a vehicle for exploring what catastrophe does to a relationship, as the couple floating in the ocean pretty much have nothing to do besides talk. Throw in a few sharks and drinking salt water when you shouldn't, with the occasional boat passing in the distance or plane flying overhead. It doesn't put in much more plot devices than that sort of thing. Still, not bad. And mercifully short at 81 minutes.


Blogging style

You know how they say blogging revolutionizes publishing content? How everyone, not just those with mega-bucks, can now get their message out to those interested? And now armchair pundits can editorialize to their hearts content from the comfort of their living room, in their underwear if they so wish?

I decided to take it one step further. I'm posting this from my bathroom while taking a dump.

You may all unfriend me now.

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