June 22nd, 2005


D.S.L. and the pledge

D.S.L. is not working in my apartment. It was around 6:45 p.m. Then I left to chauffeur Erin to Capitol Hill and back. When I returned around 8 p.m., no D.S.L. I cycled my router and nothing. Been a while since I've had to deal with the innards of this thing, so I decided against messing with it. Also decided against calling Qwest at the time as well. Figured if it was an issue affecting multiple customers they'd figure it out and get me fixed and I wouldn't have to do anything. It didn't come back last night, and wasn't back this morning either.

Anyway, the quiet was nice. I read my book on the history of the pledge of allegiance instead. Some really interesting stuff. How the writer was a Christian Socialist. Then in the next chapter on the spread of the pledge, in which he didn't take a big part, there are excerpts of his writing that show a very clear antipathy toward communism and socialism. Since he wasn't taking a huge part at that point, the book doesn't even note this.

I wanted to get up and dig into this some more, but no D.S.L. Forced me back into reading. Less context-switching. Also I probably would have gotten distracted and not gone back to reading.

I'm debating on whether to call Qwest today to get it fixed. I'm thinking not.

I need the D.S.L. for some things. Work. Porn. But I'm wondering if I can keep it off long enough that I break my habit of goofing off using it.


House in Idaho

The guy in Idaho will have his financing together next week. Not sure how to go about actually selling it though. His financing doesn't include a mortgage. He probably should get title insurance and pick an escrow agent to handle the closing. I bought the place with a loan, and the real estate agent handled everything. My condo was done sans real estate agent, but I have a mortgage so we got an escrow service to do all the closing on that. In this case, we don't have either.

Nevertheless, I'm about to end that 9 year experiment.

That'll be another $700 per month I can spend.