June 19th, 2005


Batman Begins

Despite being sick and declining to go out to smokey clubs with loud music, I was hijacked to see Batman Begins last night. So far, I've seen uniformly laudatory reviews from the people I know who have seen it. Not me. I didn't like it.

Suspension of disbelief. I'm told that it's my job to suspend disbelief for movies. I disagree. It's the job of the movie to make something interesting enough that I get involved in the story and world. No free passes. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a movie that I enjoyed. Not a uniformly great movie, but definitely watchable. It drew me in and I didn't have to suspend disbelief. Despite the fact that the world it creates is highly unbelievable. The original Matrix, which I didn't like because it re-hashed ground covered in a hundred other movies, that I didn't have a problem with suspending disbelief.

The plot and characters of Batman Begins don't make sense. The world does. Why do the bad guys want to destroy Gotham? Their reasoning doesn't make sense whatsoever. Christian Bale makes a good Batman, but the writers didn't give him any depth whatsoever. Supposedly this version is all abouut him overcoming his fear of bats and his guilt over his father's death and turning those weaknesses into strengths as Batman. Except that the he never seemed afraid of the bats. This is where suspension of disbelief is the movie's job. The love interest is Kate Holmes. Except there is no spark between Bale and Holmes. Zero. And the ridiculous subplot of the takeover of the Wayne Corporation just distracted from the rest of the movie.

Tim Burton's Batman was much better.

Rodent with Antlers


Most people—and without any government regulation requiring it—have locks on their doors to protect them from intruders. If airbags are so good at protecting people from injuries and death, why were government regulations required to get them installed on automobiles?