June 8th, 2005


Phone number

I've just heard a rumor that my work phone number changed. So I go look in the address book and they've changed it. New prefix. Looks like they are changing it for the entire company. Or already have. Not that they've sent out an announcement, or notified the people whose numbers are changed. For a while the old number forwards to the new number. When the old number will no longer work I do not know.

Communication is this company's strong suit.

Also, if you have my work number, the prefix is now 679, not 564.

Hard Hat

Training class

Taking a training class for work. It's called Situational Leadership and is all about adapting your management style to each individual managee's issues so as best to get the to do something. I am supposed to do some pre-work. So I grabbed the packet of information to bring home tonight. Steps:

  1. Complete self-assessment questionaire
  2. Fill out impact map which basically figures states what my department's goals are and identifies what leadership/coaching skills I most need to get to those goals
  3. Have my boss fill out a coach's impact map...

Doh! Probably should have read the pack of information a week ago, since the class starts at 8 a.m. tomorrow. No time for the boss to fill out his part.

Not sure I care that much, except I'm sure the trainer will make a big deal about it. They always do because they always figure that stuff is vital to the success of the class. Or, I think because they are trained to take people through the rote lesson and any deviation messes them up.