June 3rd, 2005

Hard Hat

PivotTable Office Web Component irritation

I'm trying to create a pivot table for Internet Explorer using Office Web Components. Only it seems I can't get it to work unless I use integrated windows security. Thing is, the SQL server I'm using doesn't recognize domain users. We have a special read-only user name and password for that server. Despite the fact that I have put this username and password in the ConnectionString property, I cannot get this damn thing to work at all. It always requests that the user enter their name/password pair. Or when I fiddle with it, it just doesn't work at all and doesn't give me any error information.

It's days like these that I dislike being a programmer.


I'm a winner (debit card)

Lost my debit card. Held off on calling it in because I knew as soon as I called it in, I'd find it.

Finally, I looked everywhere. Checked where I last used it. At my office. In my car. In the pants I wore yesterday. No where. So I called it in.

You know what happened next.