May 16th, 2005


Salt Lake City

Friday I took off from work around noon-30. Don't you wish you had a clock that read noon-30? Anyway, I headed home, and tossed out my trash so my place wouldn't stink when I returned. Jason and Cynthia showed up and tossed their shit into the car. We then went to pick up Erin and headed out. Drive to Boise Friday night. Got in around midnight. They wanted to go to a topless bar. I didn't. And I especially didn't want to go to one in Boise. I've never been fond of nudie bars. They just don't do it for me. Also, I was pretty sure that being Boise, it would be lame. I was right. They didn't even have topless. Erin and Cynthia were disappointed. THe featured performer was Teri Wiegel, who apparently is some famous porn star. Did nothing for me.

Jason is tough to sleep with. I did not sleep well. We got up early and headed to Salt Lake.

We should have gotten the address of the club before we left. Rule of thumb for my friends, give me an address along with your directions. 99% of the time I can find the place with the address alone. Especially in a grid city like Salt Lake. Anyway, after calling Jeri we got the actual address and it was a piece of cake from there.

I danced with Chad, cause no one else besides me and Jason were dancing.

Drive back today was long. I got grouchy.

Also, I read some from the second book for my Eco 200 class. It deals with the economics of public issues (as per the title). Some of it makes sense, and some of it just irritated me because it was dressed up political screed.

I would like to close by saying that Erin and Jason are the bestest best friends a guy could have, even if I didn't see enough of Erin's chest and saw too much of Jason's ass.

Hard Hat

Getting someone to do something

Inspired by a question I used when I interviewed someone today: You are the boss. You have someone who generally does good work, but messes up one important area. Said person doesn't make much effort to improve that area. Overall, you aren't going to fire the person for it, as the good stuff they do outweighs the one bad thing. What do you do to get that person to change?

The specific example I used today was bug reports from developers. We get bugs. We fix them. We mark them as resolved in our system. Ideally, I'd like the guys working for me to include certain pieces of information when they resolve bugs. One piece of information is the set of files touched. Another is suggestions on functionality affected, so testers can have an idea what they need to test beyond the specific case described. But often times we don't provide anything except a terse fixed message. Overall, getting the bugs fixed is what we pay them for. So we aren't likely to fire someone for not providing better information when that person resolves a bug. But to make everyone's life easier, we want them to start. So what do you do?