April 17th, 2005


News and notes

Thinking of finding a new social scene to add to my current haunts. Thing is, that's a long term process for me. It takes me a long time to feel comfortable somewhere new. Anyway, currently taking suggestions on social scenes to join. They gotta be interesting for other reasons, cause I don't have the patience to hang out if it isn't interesting while I am getting comfortable.

Bought The Incredibles. It was just too good a movie not to have it.

I suck at bowling.

Maybe I'll cook dinner this week. I need to get off my ass and make something tasty for once.

Also, I'm gonna pick a sunny evening this week and rollerblade. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome. It'll be kind of last minute because of the weather. Basically, starting tomorrow I'm gonna look outside mid-afternoon and if appropriate, head up to Greenlake after work for a couple of loops. Casual loops.